Malcolm David Kelley Shares Fun Facts with Just Jared


1. The first movie I did was directed by Denzel Washington.
2. I wrote my first song at age 15 on Garage Band and recorded it myself.
3. My perfect meal is my mom’s enchiladas or almost anything from Maestros Steak House.
4. When I travel the three things I need are my headphones, my mobile studio, and my hats.
5. My hobbies are playing basketball, hanging with my friends and making music. I love it dearly. 
6. My favorite color is navy blue.
7. My favorite juice is cranberry.
8. Growing up my YOUNGER sister was always TALLER than me.
9. I love mango strawberry smoothies.
10. When I was filming Lost I lived in Hawaii nine months out of the year. It is my third home. First being LA, second being Vegas where I spent summers with family.

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