ATA. SAG. AFTRA. INDIE. If you're casting for incredible talent
you're in the right place.


We've been representing incredible talent for the last fourteen years and with a total agency weight of 1947 pounds, you'll be working with literally a ton of talent.


Amazing Young Actors

From fresh new faces to the the hardest working kids on the block, we represent young talent that can hold their own with the most experienced actors and steal a scene from anyone. Give us the toughest talent challenge and we'll make your life easy.

Professional & Experienced

This isn't our first rodeo. We've been representing top young actors for decades and with a combined weight of of 2034 lbs., our agency has literally a ton of talent to help make your project a success and make you a casting hero.


Nicole is recognized as the very best young talent agent. Amazing talent and clear, professional representation. She’s often my first call on a new project and working with her is a pleasure.
— Chris Romriell, Casting Director