Nicole Jolley. Agent. Mom. I represent some of the best young film, television, theatrical and commercial talent working in New York and LA. Also, I'm tall.


Not just posers. My partner Milton and I have been recognized by Variety as powerhouse agents who represent fantastic young talent.


Since I was very young I always wanted to work with children and young people. Somehow, I just knew this innately. In high school and college I worked as an advocate for children through a mentoring program. Before moving over to the entertainment business, I started my career working as a teacher in a behavioral therapy unit for elementary children. I  loved working with families to help create a more healthy space for children and I still enjoy doing the same thing for my families in the entertainment industry. 



Powerhouse Agent

Not just posers. My partner Milton and I have been recognized by Variety (and others) as powerhouse agents who represent the best young talent (which is true). We build long-lasting relationships built on transparency and fair dealing that go far beyond a single transaction or deal and give our clients access to opportunities in film, television, theater and commercial work.


As a mom myself, I see the young actors I represent as individuals who need the time and space to make them well rounded, happy and complete people as well as great actors. We find the next film or series, but we focus on building long, sustainable careers that fit with our clients life and goals.

Former Kid Too

Yep, I used to be a kid too.