Look how awesome Gabe White is on the Framed: The Adventures of Zion Man!


"An evil Nazi, a boy's vivid imagination and his comic book drawings take you on a journey into a world where his fantasy becomes reality at the most inappropriate and dangerous time. Being 12, a talented comic book artist, having a mind of his own, his first crush, the fearlessness that comes with youth and being Jewish in Nazi Germany was Walter's life. Inspired by actual events a combination of live action and animation(based on Jaeden Lieberher's drawings) makes for a thrilling and entertaining tale."

About Gabe: 

Gabe grew up in Houston, Texas, the middle of 5 children. As a young boy he attended an Elementary School with a dual language Spanish program and was immersed in Spanish and is consequently bilingual. He attended St. Francis Episcopal Day School where he played Varsity Football, Soccer and Lacrosse and served as a student representative on the athletic and student councils. Gabe supported his younger twin siblings by serving as a volunteer football and basketball assistant coach.

Growing up in Texas, Gabe enjoyed many sports in addition to the ones he is now involved including golf, tennis, basketball, and swimming competitively. He is an accomplished pianist and has taken classical piano for 6 years. When he turned 9, he began taking classes at HITS Theatre and enjoyed developing his skills in musical theatre. A few of the roles which he was cast included Rooster in Annie, Oz in Wizard of Oz, Trevor Graydon in Annie, Danny Zucko in Grease, and Prince Eric in Little Mermaid. In addition, he began training for film and commercial acting, and modeled for several events professionally and to raise funds for organizations such as "MD Anderson, Cancer Institute" and "Children's Advocates of Houston." He discovered his real love theatre and acting and attended the Alley Conservatory in Houston at the age of eleven at which he wrote and performed his own monologue, in the production, "Ghosts." He has gone on to play Teen Ebenezer and Peter Cratchit at the Alley Theatre in Houston for the last 3 years in "A Christmas Carol."

His film credits include My Father Die, role of younger Asher, The Elving Project, role of Finn, Framed: The Adventures of Zion Man, role of Bruno, The Surface, role of younger Peter, Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants Parody, role of Bailey, Dust Theory, role of older Milo, Snakebite, role of Tyler, Bastards, student and Doublecrossed, role of Caleb. He loves acting and portraying both dramatic and complex characters as well as characters with a comedic flair and wit. He is also developing a passion for screenplay writing and hopes to one day write and direct as well.