Interview with Malcolm David Kelley who plays Walt Lloyd on ABC's "Lost"

Polar Bear’s got his tongue?
Lost’s Kelley adds to the show’s mystery


Interviewing Lost’s Malcolm David Kelley is a lot like watching an episode of the series: the answers only offer more questions. We recently caught up with the 15-year-old actor, who plays mysterious and sometimes psychic Walt Lloyd on the hit ABC drama, and tried our best to squeeze out upcoming series plot twists and character developments. Unfortunately, even Kelley doesn’t know where his character or the show is heading. That didn’t stop us from asking.

As any Lost devotee can tell you, Walt was (and is still is) arguably the most important character on the show. His kidnapping at the end of season one has triggered one staggering event after another: notably an all-out war between the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 and “The Others.”

Kelley’s character was barely seen this past season after he fled with his turncoat father Michael (Harold Perrineau) off the island by boat, but Walt resurfaced in the series finale in a pivotal scene. This has only sparked rumors that he’ll be back next season. We asked the actor, who aside from the series is perhaps best known for playing a young Antwone Fisher and guest starring on shows like My Name is Earl and Law & Order: SVU, to spill the beans in an interview earlier this week. Don’t hold your breath.

Was it frustrating not to be seen much on Lost this season until the last episode?

Not really. I knew I was not going to be there. I did not even really know until a week before that I was going to be in that episode. It’s always cool to go back to Hawaii though. It gave me an opportunity to be with my family and friends and work on other things.

Can’t beat Hawaii. Have the show’s producers told you whether or not you’ll be back next season?

Nope. I have not heard anything you might ask my manager about it.  (Note: we asked, and his management weren’t at liberty to say.)

If you do come back, how do you think they’ll be able to explain your growth spurt and voice change?

I’m not sure, (writers) Damon [Lindelof] and Carlton [Cuse] are smart guys. I’m sure they got it covered.

What purpose do you think Walt will play ultimately play in the show’s ending?

Walt and his powers hold all the answers just wait and see.

What’s your theory on island?

Not sure about this one.

Well, put it this way…if you were allowed to write the ending, what would it be?

I have not really thought about it. I guess everybody would somehow be safe including all of the people that have died.
Anything’s possible.

What other projects have you been working on during your Lost hiatus?

Just been doing school. I did a pilot with Mike Epps and some guest spots on a few TV shows.

Sweet. What has the reaction from your friends been on the many mysteries of Lost? What does your family think?

Everybody just wants me to tell them what’s happenin’. They’re always trying to tell me what they think should happen next like I have any say.

If you could be stranded on an island with one person who would it be?

My best friend Ronald.

Who has the best mustache in Hollywood history?

I don’t know this one. I don’t really notice those things. 

We do sadly. Alrighty – well last question. Are you like any ordinary teenager? What other shows do you watch? What are your hobbies?

I watch Family Guy, Run’s House, and a lot of reality shows. I watch a lot of MTV and BET. [Hobbies] I do my acting, make videos with my homies, skateboard and then just chill.

Article by Jon Chattman