Noah Lomax Talks ‘The Walking Dead’ & Gerard Butler Versus Josh Duhamel


He might only be ten years old, but actor Noah Lomax has already gotten to work with Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel and Josh Duhamel, not to mention getting a nice arc in season one of The Walking Dead! He started his career with Army Wives and quickly moved on to Drop Dead Diva before landing the envious spot on Walking Dead, but as we know that no one’s safe on that show so he last three episodes. Much longer than many adults have, especially this season!

Lomax talks about working with Gerard Butler and still not being old enough to have seen his most famous film 300 and taking on Josh Duhamel which you can see in the video clip below. He’ll be seen in the upcoming Nicholas Sparks film Safe Haven in February, but you can see what else he had to say about playing with the Dead.

BEST MOVIES EVER: What was it like working on The Walking Dead? Did you get the full zombie makeup treatment?

NOAH LOMAX: I really loved being on “The Walking Dead,” I played the son of Morales. My sister had a bigger role than I did on the show, but I was still on set everyday. It was really cool to see the zombies! Sometimes between scenes you would see them playing cards, or sleeping. A lot of the time there were dead dummies on set and we would be walking to our trailer and see a dead body [dummy] outside of the trailer. It was crazy. One time there was a sleeping zombie in the cooling tent, and my sister and I couldn’t tell if it was real- or fake. So – I decided to kick it in the leg, and she woke up right before I kicked her – so I just missed kicking the actor!

BME: Had you seen any of Gerard Butler’s movies before working with him on Playing For Keeps?

NL: I had not seen any of his movies, I am too young I guess! My mom showed me a few of his movies including “P.S. I Love You” and “The Ugly Truth” before we started working together.

BME: What was your favorite movie of his?

NL: Well, I heard that “300″ is really good, but my mom says I am still too young to see it.

BME: Did you do any preparation to get into this role or does just playing a son come easy for you?

NL: I didn’t really need to do too much preparation to play Lewis, we are a lot alike. Being a son was easy, because I am a son! Hahaha

BME: Do you think if your family hadn’t had to move from Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina you still would have the career you have now with two feature films under your belt?

NL: I don’t think so. I started acting, because my sister started acting and she looked like she was having so much fun. She signed up for acting classes, and I would go with her to auditions and it looked interesting to me.

BME: How different are the roles you play in Playing For Keeps and Safe Haven?

NL: The roles I play are very different. Lewis in “Playing for Keeps” was a happy kid, who loves to play sports. He has to deal with divorce, and wanting to be with his dad, and his dad keeps letting him down. In “Safe Haven,” I play Josh, who is a kid who is sad and angry that his mom died of cancer. He has a great dad, but Josh blames him for his mom being gone. Josh was interesting to play because he was so angry with his father and dealing with a lot of emotions.

BME: Who was the cooler dad in the two films. Gerard Butler or Josh Duhamel?

NL: Mr. Gerry and Mr. Josh were both pretty cool. I really enjoyed being with them. Mr. Gerry and I played soccer and trained together. Mr. Josh and I had did a lot of different things together… he took my sister and I to the beach and we trained for football and rode the waves. We would also do this arm/hand battle – you can look it up on YouTube, the video is called “soft-shell Duhamel and bad ass Lomax.” It is pretty cool!

BME: When you’re not acting, what do you do for fun?

NL: I play football, basketball – pretty much anything that has to do with a ball. I also like taking hip hop dance classes, love playing outside with my friends and hanging out with my family, and dog.

BME: It’s great you’re working with Soccer For Hope. What can you tell our readers about that organization that might get them to also want to be involved in it?

NL: Soccer for Hope is an awesome organization that helps raise awareness and cancer research for kids. Soccer For Hope was started because my best friend, Abella, who is also fighting cancer had her little brother lose the battle against cancer at the age of three. Kids battling cancer just want to experience everyday fun kid activities, and not be treated different. This organization holds soccer events so that kids can have fun with other kids and not think about cancer.

BME: What films or tv shows do you have coming up next?

NL: My next film is “Safe Haven,” which will be out in theaters on February 14, 2013. The movie is based on a Nicolas Sparks book. I really enjoyed shooting this film because I spent my time in Southport, North Carolina which is near the coast — so I got to fish and go to the beach the entire summer!

Article by Shanka Cheryl first published on Best Movies Ever Entertainment News.