Yahoo! Voices interview with Noah Lomax

Noah Lomax is a child actor who has been in some great shows. You might have seen him on The Walking Dead, The Middle, and Army Wives. Now Lomax will be in his first film, Playing for Keeps alongside Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel. Noah plays the role of Lewis who is the son to Butler's and Biel's characters. Next year he will star in a film with Josh Duhamel and Cobie Smulders called Safe Haven. I was able to talk with the young actor about his upcoming roles and who he would love to play in a superhero film when he gets older.

Art Eddy: Can you tell me about the film and your role in "Playing for Keeps" that comes out December 7th?

Noah Lomax: Well I play the son of Gerard Butler's character. His name is Lewis and Gerard's character is named George. George is a retired soccer player. The film is about George, who gets divorced, but he wants to regain his relationship with his son and wife. He becomes his son's soccer coach and all the kids and mothers start to like him. He has to make a decision if he wants start again with his family or move on.

AE: How was it to play this role of Lewis?

NL: It was really cool to play that role. It was actually pretty big since it was my first movie role. Gerard was really nice to work with on the film. I actually had to learn how to play soccer, since there were no stunt doubles to do moves. We had a trainer that showed us how to do certain moves. It was pretty cool.

AE: The film has a great cast with Jessica Biel, Gerard Butler, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Dennis Quaid, and Uma Thurman. How was it to work with a great set of actors?

NL: I really enjoyed working with all of those people on the set. Catherine Zeta-Jones was joking around with me on the set. She asked if I wanted a manicure. She made me laugh. I was glad I was able to work with them while filming the movie.

AE: Did you receive any advice from those actors on the set?

NL: Not really. They did not coach me or anything, but I did watch and learn from them. I did learn a couple things from them while being on set.

AE: How did you get the part Lewis? How was the audition process like?

NL: I did have to audition for the role. After the first part of auditions I had to do a chemistry read with Gerard. It was great to meet him because I knew who he was. I have never seen him in films that much, but he does more of the films that adults watch and not kid movies.

AE: You have been in the hit TV show "The Walking Dead". How was it to work on that show?

NL: It was really awesome to how they shot all the different scenes. I liked to watch the actors get ready for scenes with all the different make-up and to see all the zombies on set. It was cool to see how they did all the work for that show.

AE: How did you get into acting?

NL: Well my sister started before me. Later on my parents asked me if I wanted to act and I told them I did. So I tried it out and that is how it started. It is fun to act, but it is hard to remember lines. I like to be on set and to see how they do everything to make a show or movie.

AE: You also will be staring in the film "Safe Haven" with Josh Duhamel and Cobie Smulders. What is your role in that film?

NL: I play a character named Josh. This character is very sad since his mother died and he is mad at the world. He doesn't talk a lot but he fishes a lot. It was great to work with the actors for that film. Everyone was really nice to me. There was a scene where my character falls into the water. I enjoyed doing that scene.

AE: What are you looking to do next in your career?

NL: When I get older I want to do a superhero movie.

AE: Nice. I like it. What superhero would you like to play in the film?

NL: Batman! I liked all three of the Christian Bale Batman movies.

Article by: Art Eddy, III, Yahoo Contributor Network