Malcolm David Kelley in Mississippi Damned

Watch for Malcolm David Kelley in Mississippi Damned which premiered during Black History month on Showtime. Now available on DVD.


By the tender age of 16, Malcolm David Kelley had already accumulated a list of credits that would make an actor twice his age green with envy. As a central part of the mythology of ABC’s hit adventure-drama Lost, he became one of the show’s most mysterious – and thus – most important characters. Kelley first appeared on television at age five in an episode of For Your Love, (NBC/WB, 1998-2002). Subsequent commercials and small roles on a number of highly-rated shows followed, and shortly thereafter, feature films. In 2002, Kelley played the title character (at age seven) inAntwone Fisher. He returned to the big screen two years later with You Got Served. Kelley has guest starred on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, My Name Is Earl, and appeared on two episodes ofSaving Grace. Malcolm was also in the feature film The Kings of Appletown starring Cole & Dylan Sprouse and directed by Oscar Winner, Robert Moresco. Currently, Malcolm is part of the American musical duo, MKTO. Their debut single, “Thank You”, was released in January 2013. The follow up single, “Classic”, was released in June 2013. “Classic” has so far peaked at number eight in New Zealand and number nine in Australia, becoming their second top ten hit in both nations.