2018 Mercedes-Benz GLE TV Commercial with Aiden Berryman

About Aiden: Aiden Berryman was born in College Station, Texas. He showed interest in acting at the age of 9 after attending acting classes with his younger brother. Ten months later, he moved to Los Angeles with his family to pursue his dreams and booked his first guest appearance on a popular TV series just a few short months after moving to Los Angeles. When not on set he loves playing baseball, making caricature faces in the mirror, skate boarding, building with Legos and playing video games.

Raelynn Bratten in Hyundai HopeOnWheels "Our Greatest Feature"

About Raelynn: RaeLynn Symone Bratten was born in Fort Worth, TX. She has an older brother and sister. She looks up to her sister and is following in her footsteps in modeling, acting, gymnastics, and dance. Her favorite sport is basketball and she loves dogs of all sizes. She began modeling as a baby for companies such as Neiman Marcus, Belk, JCPenney, Educational Insights, and White Cloud. In 2014. She became Baby Miss Lake Worth. She loves to sing "America the Beautiful", as well as lead "The Pledge of Allegiance". She takes acting class with John D'Aquino, Japheth Gordon, Shane Brady and Nancy Chartier. Her first credit was the role of Grace in a TV pilot called "Two To Go" and was the daughter of Echo Kellum ("Sean Saves the World") and Anglique Cabral ("Enlisted"). She is represented by The Campbell Agency, AEFH, and Concrete Entertainment.

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Noel Rebello put her gloves on in the Metro PCS Commercial

About Noel: Noel Dawn Rebello was born in Arizona and lives in Los Angeles, CA. Ever since she turned three years old, Noel has been fascinated by the arts. She started as a dancer when she was three years old, then soon found herself singing and acting as well. Noel has been in numerous musicals, including the lead role of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and Taylor in High School Musical.

Noel is well known for her role as Catarina Montez in VEEP, but has also has starred in short films and many commercials. When she's not working, Noel is the captain of the JV Song Pep squad at her high school. She also enjoys writing, reading, and spending time with her family.

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'Talk About Bias' with Mychala Lee

About Mychala: I'm 17 years old and began my acting career at the age of  7. My very first job was a National Walmart commercial that aired on the Disney Channel. This was unexpected because  most new-comers start off in print, then work their way into commercials after years in the industry. I have been a SAG-Aftra member since 2007.  Some of my hobbies include  poetry, photography, and reading. I play soccer, run track/hurdles, and was a level 6 competitive gymnast. Singing and performing are two things I also enjoy!

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